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[BigSteelBox] CPL ⏷ 75% | Website Traffic ⏶ 16%

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BSB is a household name in Western Canada; they provide moving, storage and accommodations services, utilizing shipping containers. They have a really strong brand, and a very committed marketing team.

They were actually the very first brand we worked with in a capacity similar to what we would now call our Marketing Data Accelerator Program (this was back in 2015). Essentially we were combining data access and reporting, monthly live sessions, and consulting work.

Our scope mostly focused on SEO and SEM at the time, as there were some perceived opportunities (and challenges) associated with each channel.

One super interesting factor was that they were in the midst of splitting their company website into two websites to differentiate their housing/workspace branch (known as BigSteelBox Structures at the time).

By making the relevant data more available and journeying together on a consistent basis, the team was able to turn the website split into an SEO net gain, rather than a potentially significant setback.

However on the SEM side we had the most dramatic outcomes. An audit revealed opportunity for improvement and some new tactics, which led to sourcing an outside specialist, and ultimately contributed to a significant drop in CPL costs via that particular channel.

This engagement was a huge win and sparked the path we are on now. Kudos to the BSB team for having the vision to find out what might be possible!

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