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About us

Our History

Hotbrain was founded in early 2017; and was the next logical step for Founder and senior digital marketing consultant Drew Clifton. Not wanting to create “just another agency,” Hotbrain was focused on Web Intelligence consulting for enterprises, as well as developing in-house software. Since 2017 Hotbrain has worked with over 25 organizations. These projects typically involve analytics, audits (website, SEO, paid marketing), and strategic consulting.

A survey of our most successful engagements led us to develop the Marketing Data Accelerator program; what has become in 2023 our sole focus. We believe this offering represents our DNA as a company, and we are thrilled to be codifying and packaging our unique and proven approach. Serving senior marketing leaders and their teams as a trusted enabler of data insights and expert multi-channel consulting and coaching is our priviledged role in the diverse landscape of digital marketing! We believe the relevance for our program has never been greater.


Founder & Program Director Drew Clifton

Drew is a seasoned digital marketing leader with over 15 years of experience (7+ years in management roles). He has consulted to both agencies and end-clients, including those in higher education, finance/banking, e-commerce, nonprofits, and more. Drew has an Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics from UBC and a Certificate in Web Intelligence from UCal Irvine. His work has helped facilitate millions of online interactions and has a strong track record of helping deliver consistent growth.

The amazing team at Hotbrain took us into a vibrant and significant place with their expertise and ingenuity. Drew is one of the most approachable, friendly and knowledgeable people I’ve met in this industry. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend them.
David Miller
General Manager, Platinum Recruiting
Drew is someone who is not afraid to push back on the status quo in the interest of opportunity and improvements for clients.
Wesley Favro
User Acquisition Manager, Hyper Hippo Entertainment
It has been such a pleasure working with Hobrain, and know we couldn’t be where we are today without you! Thank you.
Natasha Vanderburg
Trinity Church
We hired Hotbrain to do a review and assessment of our current digital marketing campaign. We weren’t sure what to expect and were pleasantly surprised when they came back (on time and budget) with more than we anticipated. Drew’s clear and comprehensive way of explaining what could be made very confusing was well received by everyone we shared his results with. I guess our best recommendation would be that we have hired Hotbrain for another project to help us improve how we monitor and measure the results of our online media spend.
Earl Manning
General Manager, RV Care Network
Working with Hotbrain was a huge value! Drew's a genius.
Bob Anderson
Marketing Manager, BigSteelBox