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Digital Marketing Expert In Residence (eir)

We’re looking for experienced digital marketers with a proven track record and management experience. As an EIR you will represent the “pillar” of our accelerator program, serving as a coach and expert to our clients.

Digital Marketing EIR (Coach)


As an EIR, you will:

  • Spend ~2 hours per month as an expert coach working 1-to-1 with each client.
  • Develop new, local client business (our target client is a marketing manager who is weak with data/analytics and knows they need help in this department in order to grow).
  • You are an experienced multi-channel digital marketing expert with analytics knowledge and real in-house and/or agency leadership/management experience (at least 5 years total DM experience) then we want to talk to you!
  • We understand that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses… and we want to hear about those too!
  • We do require comfort and familiarity with working with data and analytics. We will onboard/train you in our unique values, process and workflow, but you need to leverage your own skills and experiences as well.
  • Obviously sales/business development skills are also a must.
Employment Type
  • Contract
  • $175/hr for billable client coaching time ($350/m for 2 hours of coaching).
  • 20% lifetime commission on all new contracts (based on total billings, up to $400/m).
This means for landing just one client you would earn up to $750/month for spending only 2 hours per month working directly with a marketing manager as a coach! According to, well, math—by having 10 such clients, you could work only 20 hours per month (plus business development time) and earn $7,500/mo! Not bad.
Also, “lifetime commissions” mean that even after the client has moved on from the monthly coaching service (freeing up your time), you will still continue to earn every month they continue on as a software customer.

Job Application

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